Common ground for effort sharing? Preferred principles for distributing climate mitigation efforts.

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University of Gothenburg Publications Electronic Archive.
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Förnyat Kyotoavtal är fel väg

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Brännpunkt, Svenska Dagbladet 2011.12.11.

Climate Change Leaders and Followers: Leadership Recognition and Selection in the UNFCCC Negotiations

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Paper presented at International Studies Association Annual Convention, San Diego, USA, April 1-4, 2012.

The Role of Non-State Actors in Climate Change Governance: Understanding Agency through Functionality Profiles

Nasiritousi, Naghmeh, Mattias Hjerpe and Björn-Ola Linnér. 2012.
Paper presented at the ECPR Graduate Conference, 4-6 July 2012, Bremen, Germany.

Whose Views are Represented? Opinions and Discourses among Participants at the International Climate Change Negotiations

Nasiritousi, Naghmeh, Mattias Hjerpe and Katarina Buhr. 2012.
Paper presented at the 2012 Lund Conference on Earth System Governance, 18-20 April 2012.