Communication and Outreach

Lime side eventBesides interest from academic scholars and think tanks, the INS attracts attention from policy-makers and the media. Over the years, INS results have been conveyed through various media channels and we have a well-established relationship with environmental journalists.


The UNFCCC Secretariat is an important partner for the INS. The side event study is endorsed by the Secretariat and results from it have been used to inform discussions on, for instance, selection criteria, web participation, timing and duration, cross-organization of side events and documentation of the presentations and key conclusions.


svd2svdNational governments, secretariats of international NGOs and intergovernmental organisations, as well as agencies within the EU, have requested presentations of INS results, particularly on preferences for leading actors, elements in future agreements and effective solutions for tackling climate change. INS results have also been used in undergraduate courses on Climate Change Policy.


We are currently looking for funding opportunities to visualize some of our key results as well as for a database that will enable researchers, NGOs and policymakers to make good use of our unique material.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, if you would like to learn more about the INS.